1870 Dani Blu

1871 Sasha Sparrow

1872 Lina Roselina

Shoot Location: Tuscany, Italy

Scene 1

The Thong of the Sparrow. ITC Favorite 18:05

Sasha’s purple lingerie set is a pretty snug fit on her super tidy figure. You would barely get a finger between her thong and her ass hole, meaning there’s lots of bare assets spilling out, especially from behind. We get some pretty revealing under butt and rear views with her little thong string hiding the absolute bare minimum. The close up shots are pretty special with an immaculate crack begging for more attention. As the scene progresses the thong becomes more of a teasing prop for her essentially bare ass.

Sasha Fine Ass. ITC Favorite 17:12

Sasha is bottomless now and her immaculate ass and pussy get all of our attention. There is no more fine ass than this with tight curves, perfect grooming and completely flawless skin. She’s also quite talented with pussy and ass hole muscle flexing for additional entertainment in the close up views. If that wasn’t enough, she also knows exactly how to pose in the most revealing manner to give the perfect views straight up her bottom side. The scene is literally brimming with long lasting lingering clear views up her ass and pussy from beginning to end.

Crack Tickly Flawless. ITC Favorite 9:15

The best way to get an even more concentrated ass worship view is with a feather up her butt. She starts in the missionary position but soon flips onto her front for the prime view up her ass. Thanks to the light tickling there’s also a bit of twitching motion and anus flexing to enhance the view.

One Tooth Free for Five Minutes. 7:26

Sasha uses the tooth shaped vibrator to massage her clit to the point of orgasm. While she doesn’t really ooze the action is still quite enthusiastic and the concentrated views up her beautiful ass and pussy continue right through the full duration.