1865 Ryana

1866 Monika May

1867 Yumi Sin

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

May I Watch? 9:52

Monika’s strip tease is pretty mellow with a calm mood and the sound of a fountain in the distance. She poses pretty slowly with some occasional panty tugging to show a glimpse of what is inside.

Monika Lewdinsky. 13:58

She’s all nude now except for the golden shoes. There’s a nice blend of views starting with Monika standing directly over your face for a slow paced gaze up her bottom side. A nice under boob view gives a great perspective on her dangling tits. A series of all manner of open leg poses follows on the bed with the ass and pussy all out in the open.

Cum What May. 12:41

Monika’s completely clear dildo looks like a solid chunk of ice, yet it never melts because it’s made of rubber. Her doggy style position might be the most interesting, particularly when she goes hands free with the dildo lodged up her pussy.

Rash 'n Dash. 7:46

Now outdoors Monika uses the long terrace as her runway to show off her curves in motion. She’s all naked from beginning to end except for the shoes. It appears like the bed from the previous clips may have irritated the sunburn/rash on her back. However the front side view is perhaps the most interesting part with her tight little boobs doing a tidy jiggle as she walks.