1866 Monika May

1867 Yumi Sin

1868 Lilly Bella

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

There’s a fairly large difference between the video and the photos of this set with the tattoos removed from the photos. Why remove the tattoos? Because we can and because we prefer it, but it is impossible to remove them from the video. For more photos with the tattoos present check out her subsequent sets which have an outfit more fitting to the tattoos.

Scene 1

A Slow Mute Asian. 15:38

Yumi’s strip tease has a nice slow and calm mood on the plantation house patio with birdsong accompaniment. She certainly has very nice smooth skin with her flawless buttcrack and pussy coming into view on multiple occasions as she pulls her panties aside.

Sin the Details. ITC Favorite 6:24

She is all nude now with plenty of detailed close up pussy and ass views. She gets her flawlessly smooth pussy and ass positioned perfectly in your face to fill the screen for extended periods while spreading the cheeks. It’s fairly short but well packed with consistent ass and pussy viewing.

Yumi Fucky Fucky. ITC Favorite 6:41

Yuri uses a bright pink rubber dildo to fuck her pussy. It fits her pretty well and gets her pussy all nice and creamy. Her pretty pussy looks even better all dressed up in creamy pussy goo. Her position is pretty perfect with her ass and cunt squatting right in your face in the front side view through most of the duration.

Walk Ink Around. 3:24

Yuri uses the length of the patio to show off her body in motion walking back and forth multiple times while fully naked. Her super high heels might not have been the easiest to walk in. In this case the front side view is certainly the more interesting with some really beautiful boob jiggle while she walks.