1864 Candice Demellza

1865 Ryana

1866 Monika May

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Audio in this set is a bit subpar as it picks up more of the air conditioning and the squeaky floor under the camera man than it does of the model.

Scene 1

Can we all get a Long Hair. 8:35

Ryana’s navy blue lingerie set is nice but the more immediate interest here is her good looks and her long luxurious mane of hair. It’s a relatively software and elegant introduction as she moves gracefully and strikes a number of nicely positioned poses.

Bed, Blonde & Beyond. 11:05

Ryan is all nude now and she soon gets positioned into some very revealing poses with her ass out in the air for inspection. She has a little bit of an outtie butthole in some positions which maybe either intriguing or distracting for some viewers.

I Cunt Dink Straight. 10:07

There’s some beautifully clear pussy and ass views here while Ryan pumps her pussy with a dildo. The action is not bad but more importantly the video quality is on point with excellent views in her naughty places.

Glad I'm 'ere Pointin’. 7:24

Ryan has a little butt fiddling session with one finger dipping in her ass hole. It’s not raunchy or extreme in any way but shows some beautiful clear ass views in several positions. A little bit of pussy rubbing at the end brings it to another climax.