1860 Yenifer Chacon

1861 Zuzu Sweet

1862 Gaby Ortega

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Script Tease. 12:55

Zuzu has some nice slow moves with her smooth ass cheeks spilling out of cut off jean shorts. The close up ass cheek shots are certainly the highlight of this tease video.

String Theory. 7:24

The tease continues now with only a slim string thong barely covering anything in her crack. A little bit of panty fiddling allows for quite an eyeful of ass and pussy.

I Wanna go up to be an Ass-knot. 11:41

She is all naked now with her bare ass and pussy squirming in your face. A bit of a skin flap on the ass hole may be a distraction for some but she has otherwise beautiful form down below.

Throb Low. 9:47

Zuzu uses a pulsating toy on her clitoris to bring herself to a climax. The toy itself does not offer much of interest but her position is beautiful with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch for the best possible view in her private places. Later she adds a second toy to simultaneously fuck her vagina. There are moments where the toys hide the parts you want to see but there are also moments with outstanding views straight up her bare ass and pussy.