1861 Zuzu Sweet

1862 Gaby Ortega

1863 Vanessa Angel

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The video and photos from this set are shot at complete opposite times of day in order to avoid a backlight issue in the video. In short, the variables to be considered in lighting for video and photos are completely different to each other and we take advantage of the best scenario for each.

Scene 1

The Gift of the Gaby. 11:47

Gaby’s thick curves are prominently displayed in this strip tease video. The little mini skirt accessory is a nice tease with her big cheeks frequently spilling out the bottom.

It's Gaby Done. ITC Favorite 12:25

Now all nude except for the skirt Gaby puts on a beautiful ass and pussy show at first standing over your face and then lying on the chair. The perspective is beautiful with the camera tight under her bum giving a serious eyeful of checks and private bits wiggling around on your face. Then lying on the chair she does some excellent butt spreading and there’s good amount of very interesting anus winking. A deep ass crack, prominent full ass checks and the close up perspective give this scene some very compelling views.

One Toys 'n Bucks. 9:14

Gaby has a go at vibing her pussy with a big pink vibrator. It is interesting to see her rather large pussy lips squishing around under the manipulation of the vibrator head. Half way through she turns onto her front allowing for a beautiful view up her butt while she squirms her pussy on the toy. More beautiful close up anus winking follows after she is done with the toy.

Night Dip. 6:55

Gaby finishes her scene in the pool with a casual dip and a bit of ass display lying on her front on the water. Then sitting on her knees an overhead shot gives a really nice boob tease and a pretty nice face shot. Though there are some nice close ups in her underside it is not as concentrated on explicit views as the previous bits. The wet skin and nice lighting makes an aesthetically pleasing way to end the scene.

Slomo. 1:07

This is a compilation of some of the best jiggly parts of the video now played back in slow motion. She has some beautifully full and bouncy assets that are perfect for the slow motion treatment. There is no audio in this clip.