1859 Willow Ryder

1860 Yenifer Chacon

1861 Zuzu Sweet

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Jamaica me Horny. 10:04

It may seem a little odd having an actual bed next to an outdoor pool but we didn’t set it up that way. Nevertheless it works very nicely with a beautiful jungle in the background and rather atmospheric conditions. Yenifer does some very enticing teasing with her thong string that hides essentially nothing. You get more than a hint of the stunning underside of this model well before she is fully naked.

Make Eye Cunt Act. ITC Favorite 6:06

Now fully naked Yenifer puts her bare ass and gaping vagina on full display right from the beginning. She has a beautifully smooth ass and pussy with nice thick curves to immerse your brains into. Her vagina gaping is remarkably clean, well lit and beautifully exposed.

Ripple Mania. ITC Favorite 12:56

Yenifer now moves to the pool for a sunset dip and some flirty frolicking around in the water. Much of this is not as explicit as the previous clip but it is certainly visually stunning with interesting lighting and a beautiful sunset reflecting in the ripples in the water. It is aesthetically as good as it gets with perfect conditions accompanied with all the sounds of the creatures of the night increasingly more prevalent as the scene progresses. Her frequent booty twerks are perhaps the most entertaining aspect of this clip.

Scene 2

A Lawn Time Cumming. 6:54

This is from much earlier in the day under much different conditions and is essentially a whole other mini scene. Yenifer lies flat on the lawn and uses a strong vibrator to bring her pussy to a squirting orgasm. She manages quite a long and entertaining squirt with interesting ripples going through her lips under the power of the toy.