1858 Dee Vine

1859 Willow Ryder

1860 Yenifer Chacon

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Video quality and colour are a bit off in this collection due to experimental camera settings that did not pan out as hoped. There has been a lot of post production work done to bring this content back to a usable state for release.

Scene 1

Ryder up for Lewd Behavior. 9:31

Willow’s short knit blue dress is form fitting in all the right places with deliberate wiggly actions causing her butt checks to spill out on many occasions. She does a wonderful job of teasing with her dress and wiggling her big bouncy ass in your face.

Pussy Willow. 10:47

Willow is bottomless now for a concentrated examination of her pussy and ass. Right off the bat she does a fantastic bit of pussy spreading with her fingers well out of the way and her vagina gaping wide open. Then the attention turns more to her ass for the majority of the clip with some beautiful bend over and squatting poses showing off her big thick wobbly curves.

Pluggus o' Wiggle Ass. 9:17

Willow squirts a big tube full of lubrication up her ass in preparation for an anal penetration show with a big purple rubber butt plug. Of course she does some butt twerking with the plug up her ass but the best parts come every time she squirts the toy out of her ass. Lying on her side she repeatedly thrusts the toy out of her ass followed but some beautiful close up anus flexing.

Willow Wobble. 4:37

Now in the entrance hallway Willow shows off her amazing wiggle with a continuous parade back and forth through the length of the room. She might have the best and most pronounced ass wiggle of any model to date. There’s a lot of wobbly ass action to keep you entertained in this clip.

Slomo. ITC Favorite 2:20

Willow’s big wobbly ass is just begging for the slow motion treatment. Here we combine all the best wobbly ass footage from the entire video into one clip for slow motion playback. There is no audio in this clip.