1854 Felice

1855 Valentina Bianco

1856 Kimmy Kimm

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

She Really Milf Sit. 21:28

This strip tease shows the better assets of a mature womanly body with very nicely rounded hips and a full bottom end. She makes good use of the chair sitting backwards on it to show off her ass both before and after the panties come off. There’s a bit more than just a strip tease here as Valentina poses nude (except for the stocking and shows) for the entire second half of this clip.

Low Ass Layin’ and Super Moan. 6:01

The scene transitions onto the bed now and Valentina shows off her ass in a few bend over and lying positions. She has quite a nice wiggle in her ass as she flops her butt down on her front. A series of butt spreading and flapping provide the main source of entertainment here.

You got a Screw Loose. 10:38

Valentina uses a screw shaped glass dildo to fuck herself in the pussy. The prominent ridges on the toy produce some fascinating “stirring the macaroni” sounds as it slides in and out of her vagina.