1855 Valentina Bianco

1856 Kimmy Kimm

1857 Ivi Rein

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

There’s quite a lot of wind noise in the audio of this set due to the breezy day, zero insulation on the house and a bare roof. It’s not an audio glitch but it’s the actual sound of the location on this day. The video is not exactly error free due to this being a first shoot with a new camera. However there’s definitely nothing wrong with Kimmy as we hope this shoot might be the first of many with an excellent new model.

Scene 1

Kimmy Some o' That. 13:23

New model Kimmy takes her time showing off her pretty cobalt blue lingerie before getting naked. Close up crotch shots show a very nice snug fit and totally flawless cheeks surrounding the panties.

Nest of Kimm. 13:49

Kimmy is now all naked on the bed with close up views showing off a very pretty pussy. She is pretty flawless all around with nice clear skin and gorgeous assets top and bottom, front and back. She wears a charming little smile nearly all the time when her face is in view. A full splits pose across two beds offers some interesting perspectives from underneath.

Kimm Dong Oohin’. ITC Favorite 13:08

Kimmy gets her legs really wide open during this masturbation scene putting her super pretty pussy well out in the open. She starts with only fingers rubbing her pussy for the first 5 minutes and then transitions to a dildo. The dildo produces a beautiful little stream of pussy juice flowing down her ass. Her orgasm appears to be quite genuine and is followed up by a creamy close up view of her spread pussy.