1853 Casey Norhman

1854 Felice

1855 Valentina Bianco

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

It's Felice you can do. 12:08

This strip tease video gives a very nice hint of the things to come with enticing up the skirt views both standing and lying on her front. Half way in we are already perusing right up in her crack with the panties pulled aside. She does some very teasing panty flossing with cheeks and lips spilling out on all sides. Even her shoes become a prop for teasing with the strings meandering through her pussy slit.

I Bend Dreamin' of View. ITC Favorite 11:16

Felice is all nude now for a concentrated and intimate study of her ass and pussy. She has really fantastic form down below and her flexible posing enhances the view immensely. Rear views up her underside are especially revealing and stimulating in the bend over and lying positions. To top it off she gets her ass even more out in the open with a full splits position and a slow twerk to wag it in your face. The close up shot in her ass crack gives you plenty of time to browse at a leisurely pace while she slowly winks her anus.

You got Feliced. ITC Favorite 9:44

Split leg up the bum views continue now with the addition of a feather for some light twitching motion. The slow and patient pace is great for long concentrated viewing up her beautiful bum crack. At the end she sticks the stem of the feather up her butthole and waves it around with a bit of twerking.

Split the Fuck Down. 9:41

This is now a finger masturbation session with some interesting positions to enjoy the view. Though she starts missionary she inevitably goes back to lying on her front with the legs fully split wide open giving the most revealing view straight up her ass. Then with her ass jacked up she has a beautiful squirming motion making her curvy underside undulate in the most hypnotic way.