1852 Loren Sun

1853 Casey Norhman

1854 Felice

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

In the Cunt Tree Side. 11:29

Initially Casey’s loose hanging knit gown hides a lot of her curves but we soon get inside of it for some naughty views. It’s only a few minutes before she is all naked and we spend the rest of the clip ogling her bare pussy and ass. The hammock may seem like an awkward place to pose but she manages it expertly and gives us a beautiful up the butt view in the bend over position near the end.

Norhman Rock While Panting. 15:17

Casey does the fist part of her masturbation session with her butt dangling in mid air hanging off the edge of the hammock. This is all finger masturbation pussy rubbing leaving plenty of exposure for pussy and ass ogling. Later she turns doggy style with her ass high giving the best possible view up her ass in the heat of the action.

Hopalong Casey. 6:07

Casey puts her own stamp on the walking scene with lots of playfulness, skipping, crawling and even running as she goes. It’s more of a frolic, not so elegant but definitely with lots of character.