1848 Rachel Rivers

1849 Lulu Love

1850 Lia Lin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Changing lighting conditions are a point of interest in this video as it is shot over a span of daylight through sunset and into the night. The background view is quite nice but becomes increasingly more interesting as the night lights take over the scene.

Scene 1

Eye Love a Parade. 6:25

Lulu does a little walking show beside the pool in her tiger print bathing suit and also fully nude. You might like her front view even better than the rear because of her rather wide and well formed hips. Image stabilization is not the greatest here due to the rather active camera in motion.

Tiger Tugger. 12:07

Now with the tiger print bathing suit back on this is a more slow paced strip tease with plenty of time taken to admire the fit and curves before she gets naked. She spends a decent amount of time fiddling with and adjusting the bottom of her bathing suit revealing a lot of pussy and ass in the process.

Have View No Shame. 10:32

This clip has a bit of nude posing and pussy spreading interspersed with moments of pussy rubbing and light masturbation. Unlike most of our videos there is no clear moment when nude posing turns to masturbation so it is all mixed in within this clip.

Night 'n Gal in the Bird Bath. 9:43

Finally Lulu gets into the jacuzzi for a light frolic in the water. It is mostly just bare ass posing with a bit of water sprinkling and a short segment of pussy rubbing.