1847 Eve Sweet

1848 Rachel Rivers

1849 Lulu Love

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Pick Nick by the Rivers Wedge. 14:39

Rachel’s matching bra and panty set is pretty revealing in the butt crack area with not much more than a string coursing through the middle of her butt hole. The slightest bit of panty tugging reveals it all. She does a masterful job of teasing with her panties and gets all the important bits in your face.

Rachel Muck at 'ems. ITC Favorite 16:00

Rachel is all nude now and does some amazing bare ass and pussy posing. Her skin is not the most flawless but she has some amazing shape in her underside and the wide angle views really enhance her assets in an immersive fashion. Her ass is parked right on your face through large portions of this clip with beautiful squatting and bend over poses. The attention gradually turns to more spread pussy shots in the latter portions of this video, some of which is of the highest quality.

Groan Rivers. ITC Favorite 14:10

Rachel uses a big flesh coloured dildo to fuck her pussy and it slips deep into her pussy with relative ease. The scene takes an A-B-A format with missionary style on the bed followed by humping the suction mounted dildo and back to missionary to finish it off. The suction mounted humping is really the highlight of this video with her ass right over your face and beautiful views up her ass through it all. The grinding rhythm of her ass is quite intoxicating along with beautiful views of her anus coming down on top of you. Later back on the bed she brings the action to a climax with a nice little ooze of pussy juice.

Slomo. ITC Favorite 3:40

This is a highlight reel with all the best jiggly bits played back in slow motion. This includes some of the small twerks, bum drops, butt slaps and dildo humping from the above clips. There is no audio in the clip. Most of these segments are also available on the minivids section as individual clips.