1849 Lulu Love

1850 Lia Lin

1851 Alexis Crystal

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The audio is not the greatest in this set. Favouring visual affect over audio we opened the window to eliminate reflections and the trade off is the sound of trucks on a nearby busy road.

Scene 1

Peelin' an Orange. 8:12

Lia’s tight little figure has a crazy nice arch in her back putting her ass well out in the open and showing some lovely curves. Her little orange panty is super snug in her ass crack letting lots of flesh to spill out. She is the queen of good posture transforming a skinny figure into something quite fantastic.

Archie in Beddie. 14:52

She is all naked now with all of her amazing assets out for inspection. She has some amazing segments squatting on top of your face and lying on her front with the butt jacked up. A crab walk pose with her pussy right in your face really emphasizes the contours of her underside with gorgeous pussy lips and ass squirming up and down inches away.

Ass Poke to the Dabble. 5:40

Now in a bend over position Lia has a little dabble in her ass with one finger dipping inside her anus. While it ’s not exactly wild and raunch action it is nonetheless pretty to watch with excellent views up her ass.

Tickled Pink. 4:20

In a little variation on the tickle theme we use a few flowers from the garden instead of the normal feather. She may or may not be genuinely ticklish but it does certainly produce some nice twitching motion in her ass which is interesting to see.