173 Angelina Crow

174 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

175 Lena Nicole & Marlie Moore

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

With the exception of a little tease in the first clip this video is dedicated almost exclusively to one theme. If you love soaking your brains in gorgeous bum cracks you can really knock yourself out on this one as the girls take turns slowly and sensually feasting on each other beautiful asses.

Scene 1

Bum Buddies having Fun. 9:35

Lora and Sabrina take turns undressing each other and take some time to admire their nice asses and show off their bodies. There's lots of low angle views including a nice side by side pose showing two beautiful asses next to each other. The clip starts out rather mellow but becomes more playful later as the girls stand back to back and buff their butts against each other. There's a nice underneath view looking straight up their asses with four ass cheeks all flapping against each other.

Brown Nosing. 13:50

This is 100% ass worshipping from beginning to end with Lora lying on her front and Sabrina's face up her ass crack giving her lots of non stop ass eating. It's all very sensual and erotic with plenty of delicate ass kissing and intimate ass crack licking. We get the camera right up between Lora's thighs under her ass for a prime view of Sabrina's tongue exploring all through her gorgeous ass crack. Don't expect too see much breathless compelling action but do expect to see a lot of very pretty views of a very pretty ass.

Keister Feast. 10:49

This clip is virtually identical to the previous with the girls now in opposite positions and Lora feasting on Sabrina's ass. Though the action is slightly lacking the ass views are once again really fantastic with tons more great angles looking up her gorgeous crack.