174 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

175 Lena Nicole & Marlie Moore

176 Sophia Santi

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Warning: There is no sound in this video. This video was actually shot more than a year before this release and was shelved due to the audio problem. Now we have decided to release it anyway as a bonus video rather than waste it and at least give our customers the choice to download it as there is some very good video in it.

Scene 1

Nipple Knockers. (No Audio) 6:30

Lena and Marlie get acquainted on the bed and undress each other before getting onto some really nice boob play. We get some very interesting angles on the action as the girls brush their titties against each other with their nipples flicking past each other.

You need to Eat Moore. (No Audio) 15:09

Lena takes her time to get Marlie all naked and then with Marlie's ass in the air she starts eating her ass out proceeding gingerly at first as she seems a little unsure and then getting bolder as she starts to enjoy it. You see Lena's tongue constantly flicking over Marlie's ass hole while Marlie briskly rubs her pussy. Later Marlie flips over and gets her pussy eaten out by Lena. There's a really nice close up view of Lena's tongue flicking over Marlie's clitoris with her hood pulled right back. After a while Marlie starts twitching and quivering involuntarily as Lena continues working on her clitoris bringing her to orgasm.

Clean a Lena. (No Audio) 17:45

Now the girls switch around and Lena has her turn getting eaten out. She lies on her front for a little ass licking which honestly seems a bit hesitant. Afterwards Lena turns to lie on her back and you get a fantastic close up view as she gets her clit twiddled under Marlie's flickering tongue. Aside from the great clit close up the action is maybe a little lacking through much of this clip.

Scene 2

Pissing Match. (No Audio) 1:36

Now outdoors sitting on a step beside the pool the girls pee simultaneously side by side. We then follow behind as they run back into the house.

Taking care of Whizness. (No Audio) 2:26

There's two separate pee scenes in this one clip involving two completely different sets but with very similar content. Both times one girl pees while the other rubs her clit and then wipes the pee off her ass with toilette paper. First Lena pees outdoors on a chair beside the pool and then indoors Marlie pees into the bathtub. There's not a whole lot of pee in either set but the personalities come through nicely as the girls seem to be having fun with what they are doing.

Scene 3

Snatchos and Tease. (No Audio) 14:04

After some getting acquainted in the kitchen and teasing up skirt views the girls strip each other off and you're treated to some pussy and ass licking action in the standing position. With Lena standing you view all the action from underneath as Marlie squats down in front to flick her tongue over Lena's clit. Later with Marlie standing and bending forward Lena has a nice lick all up and down Marlie's crack.

Lunch Box. (No Audio) 5:11

Continuing where they left off Marlie gets her knees up on the counter top giving Lena a good angle to get her face right in her privates and give her a decent licking with equal attention given to both the clitoris and the anus. Marlie's ass up bend over pose gives you a great view with maximum curves and all her prettiest places out in the open.

Dessert Dishes. (No Audio) 20:24

Now Lena gets up on the counter top for a little pussy and ass licking treatment but now with the addition of a some fruits getting dabbled in her private places. Nothing gets stuck in very far but the personalities come through as the girls enjoy themselves. Later with both girls on the counter top Lena pours a big gob of honey down Marlie's pussy slit and both girls get the giggles before Lena licks it off her pussy. Marlie in turn pours the honey on Lena's nipples and they lick it off. The last and best part of this clip has lena lying on her front on the counter top as Marlie pours a jug of milk down her butt crack and then sprinkles cinnamon in her crack after it. The cinnamon doesn't look so good but the close up view of the milk flowing through her ass crack is absolutely gorgeous. At the end Marlie helps Lena wipe all the milk off her ass and legs.

Clean up on Aisle Bun. (No Audio) 1:02

This is just a brief outtake as Lena looks extra sexy cleaning up her boobs and ass standing beside the kitchen sink.

Scene 4

The Pisser Sisters. (No Audio) 2:20

Lena and Marlie both bend over on their knees to pee side by side. There's lot of playfulness and goofing off in this clip.

Scene 5

Sud Buddies Having Fun. (No Audio) 28:21

This long and comprehensive bath tub scene has a little bit of everything you'd expect to see in a bath tub scene including lots of beautiful soapy ass washing with streams of soap and water flowing through gorgeous ass cracks. This is followed by some of the best pussy and as licking in this video. With Lena lying on her back beside the tub Marlie gets into some decent passionate pussy and ass licking and you see Lena twitching as the tongue flicks over her sensitive parts. Near the end Lena sits on Marlie's chest in the tub and squirms around giving us some great views looking down her back. Lena even sits right on Marlie's face and rubs her face in her pussy and ass.

In her Slipstream. (No Audio) 0:45

The two girls pose bending over one on top of the other in the tub to pee into the bath. Lena's pee stream actually flows partially over Marlie's butt cheeks and then Marlie also starts to pee.