172 Peaches

173 Angelina Crow

174 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

A case could be made for all 4 of these clips to be considered inthecrack favorites thanks in no small part to Angelina's truly spectacular ass.

Scene 1

Another Chick on the Wall. 11:39

Angelina does lots of sexy posing against the wall in the bedroom showing a lot of very nice up skirt views before peeling off her yellow dress. She gives you a few nice spread ass views in her thong and then goes fully naked and strikes several super sexy poses leaning against the wall. We get some interesting angles on her poses including directly above, under her spread ass, and quite a lot of full body views showing her spectacular figure. Few girls can look so good doing so little.

A Squirmative Action. ITC Favorite 13:07

Now on the bed Angelina just squirms around showing off her awesome figure. There's heavy emphasis on her spectacular rear end with lots of bend over poses and ass up squirming. She often spreads her pussy and ass from behind causing her vagina to pop open into a big black cave. She spends quite some time lying on her side with her spread ass thrust out into your face. This clip is highly recommended for those who love ogling magnificent ass curves as her form is truly outstanding.

Musical Rears. ITC Favorite 26:31

Angelina's anal epic starts out mellow enough with a little ass squirming as she dabbles her fingers up her anus. Soon she progresses to a big blue dildo to continue dabbling in her ass hole frequently pulling the dildo out of her ass so you can ogle her beautiful anus. As things progress she gradually becomes more adventurous and her pussy and ass start to make lots of interesting noises. If you enjoy listening to pussy and ass music you'll want to turn up the volume to soak in all the sexy huffing, puffing, queefing and farting sounds as she continues to work her ass with the dildo. She enthusiastically goes at it for quite a long time while lying on her side. Near the end she gets on her knees with her ass in the air and we inspect her ass hole at point blank range as her gaping anus continually farts right in your face. You get so close to her gaping ass hole that her ass breath fogs up the lens! You'll need plenty of patience and a good internet connection before downloading this video because the file is enormous.

Oil Crevasse you. ITC Favorite 16:20

With Angelina lying on a towel in the bed we give her gorgeous ass a nice sensual oil massage. There's no shortage of fantastic up the ass views in this footage with wandering hands exploring all through her pussy and ass crack between glistening cheeks. Though most of this sees Angelina lying on her front to show off her ass you do also see her on her side and back for brief periods. It seems she certainly enjoyed the attention as is apparent with her squirming motion continually thrusting her ass up into the massaging hands. Things eventually work up to a climax with maximum pussy and ass fondling as she enthusiastically thrashes her ass up into the exploring hands (though without insertion). This is not recommended for those turned off by male hands.