1846 Sasha Sparrow

1847 Eve Sweet

1848 Rachel Rivers

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Cling Wrap. ITC Favorite 13:37

Eve’s nude coloured pantyhose are almost not visible at first but she has a very nice shine to her legs under a very short dress. Closer inspection and up skirt views show a nice surprise with no panties and her pussy and ass crack clearly showing through the pantyhose fabric. She does a very nice leg tease leading up to a number of pretty special ass and crotch views in sitting, standing and bend over positions. We get a really nice close up face shot towards the end of this clip.

Look Here Ass Hose. 18:24

Now without the dress we still continue to focus on the pantyhose for quite a long time as this is the primary subject matter of the entire video. It’s another good 15 minutes until the pantyhose start to come off. Along the way she shows lots of nice views while sitting backwards on the chair, standing, bending over and lying on the table.

The Sweet Up Stares. 6:26

This shorter clip is just all nude shots including some especially nice underside views with Eve standing over your face and then sitting backwards on the chair.

Pretty Fuckin' Sweet. 9:13

Eve’s dildo masturbation scene happens on top of the table in two sessions, first in the crab walk position and then lying on her back with the legs up. She gets quite a gooey mess of pussy juice after the first climax to the scene.