1845 Dani Blu

1846 Sasha Sparrow

1847 Eve Sweet

Shoot Location: Tuscany, Italy

Scene 1

Sun Body to Love. 11:29

It’s a bright cloudless day by the pool in Italy with Sasha wearing a black string bikini. Before she even shows you anything it’s pretty obvious she has quite a fabulous figure with a tight ass and flawless skin. There’s a substantial sneak preview of bottomless nudity within this strip tease clip.

Sasha Flawless Cunt. 11:05

She is all nude now except for the shoes. This one might qualify for the tightest and cleanest ass and pussy on the site. If you inspect with a magnifying class you might find a stray hair follicle in her butt crack. She delivers a fantastic butt show while standing over your face and more lying on her front and side.

Your Sasha Fucking Dick. 10:24

Sasha uses a flesh coloured dildo to fuck her pussy. The views are especially nice when the dildo comes out of her pussy and she spreads it open. Not that she gapes so much but because the flawless perfection of her pussy is laid bare and extra exposed.

Dripping Oil. ITC Favorite 4:40

Sasha uses a bottle of oil to show off some beautiful glistening ass and pussy views while standing over your face. This brief scene is loaded with really amazing shots right up tight under her dripping ass and pussy. The timing couldn’t be better with little streams of oil running down her ass crack while she winks her butt hole just inches away. If we could “double favourite” this one we would.