1844 Candice Demellza & Baby Nicols

1845 Dani Blu

1846 Sasha Sparrow

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Butt Coin. 7:58

At first glance Dani appears to be a little too skinny and lacking curves. Don’t let that fool you into skipping this video as that would rob you from seeing a magical set of pussy lips. Skip straight to the second clip below if you just want the lips. Meanwhile this strip tease soon starts showing you a better perspective on her assets with viewing angles down below looking up at her curves with nice bulges in important places. The audio quality is a little strange in this video due to windy conditions and audio filters to combat the white noise.

The Meat Packer's Labia Union. ITC Favorite 18:12

This clip is almost entirely about the pussy lips as that is Dani’s obvious best asset. Her butt crack is also pretty damn nice but you almost certainly won’t be able to take your eyes off her incredible pussy. The lips are of the most long, thick and meaty variety yet remaining nice and tidy without any abnormally hanging curtains. Squeezing her pussy lips between her fingers demonstrates an impressive bulge of pussy meat. Her pussy often hangs open without hands involved giving quite an eyeful of literally every part of her pussy. This skinny girl literally got all of her padding in one place and it couldn’t be better.

She's got Dick Lips. ITC Favorite 7:42

After a brief bit of pussy fiddling Dani introduces a dildo to split open her big fat pussy lips. A crab walk position gets her assets hanging in your face nicely to show off some beautiful penetration action. Now more than ever her pussy naturally hangs open every time she takes the dildo out of her pussy. It’s brief but the final minute shows a beautiful close up with her fat open pussy bulging right in your face.