1841 Karyna Kaif

1842 Candee Licious

1843 Dee Vine

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Curvy Licious. 11:57

Candee does this tease video in the full lingerie set including the stockings and corset. She gives quite a fabulous eyeful of pretty bits while leaning on her side on the bench and then moves onto the bed to entice with more panty manipulation to show what’s underneath.

I Stocking Dirty. 10:03

Candee strips down to just her stockings for maximum nudity of all the important bits. A lot of close up ass and pussy views follow including some some nice squatting on your face.

Candee Friggin Cunt Cum Already? 13:21

Some very light pussy fiddling gradually becomes more vigorous pussy rubbing as this masturbation scene progresses. Her ass lifting up and down off the bed surface adds some variety of viewing perspective to keep it interesting. In the second half she flips over onto her front allowing a very nice view up her butt while she continues the pussy rubbing action.