1842 Candee Licious

1843 Dee Vine

1844 Candice Demellza & Baby Nicols

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Gawd Denim. ITC Favorite 11:31

This is a great video for those who like to admire the fit of tight jean shorts on a super shapely ass. Dee’s ass is a masterpiece that her hiked up jean shorts just cannot contain. She has a pretty obvious best angle which is from directly under her ass.

Panties Dot Calm. ITC Favorite 14:23

The tease continues now without the shorts and with more focus on the navy blue polka dot panties. Once again the under butt views are outstanding with her curvy bum cheeks bouncing in your face. She does a masterful job of teasing with the panties pulling them aside and then down a little to show a little of sexy bits inside. She rounds out the last third of this clip with her panties pulled down around her thighs giving an awesome first look at her bare pussy and ass crack. There is no doubt she is a contender for the most beautiful ass on the site. Aside from a couple of small bug bites she is near flawless and has the most well endowed underside assets of recent times.

Dee Lush Ass. 7:28

Dee is now fully nude except for the powder blue shoes. Now we just extend the bare pussy and ass viewing to soak in the beautify of her feminine assets. A few nice butt slaps display her tight butt jiggle and a close up view takes in the perfection of her flexing anus. Later standing poses get her naked pussy and ass crack hovering over your face with views from both the front and the back.

What Dee Fuck's Happening. ITC Favorite 7:18

A big brown dildo provides the action for this masturbation scene and it produces some very nice results with plenty of pussy juice running down her ass cheeks. Her thick meaty pussy lips wrap nicely around the dildo but it looks even better when the dildo comes out showing a freshly fucked pussy dripping with creamy pussy juice.