1840 Ryana

1841 Karyna Kaif

1842 Candee Licious

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Some Ass Hose in my Space. 24:58

Karyna’s short red dress and black pantyhose are a beautiful combination. A nice leggy tease ensues followed by butt and crotch views with the dress pulled up. This clip takes a very slow pace with lingering pantyhose views. The seamless crotch shows entirely everything that is underneath with a little added shimmer from the glossy sheer material.

Kaif I Watch? 12:21

With Karyna finally fully nude the slow posing continues but in more graphic form. She spends quite a bit of time sitting backwards on the chair while we get angles from both above and below. She ends up lying on the table with the hard surface being the perfect platform to display her bare assets out in the open.

Strum Buddy’s Cumming. 7:53

Karyna has a little pussy fiddle which gradually becomes a bit of slow finger masturbation and finally picks up to a vigorous pussy rub at the climax.

Karyna Round. 4:49

Karyna’s personality changes a bit in this walking scene as she has fun showing off her figure in motion. She is 100% nude right from the beginning. It’s a pretty small space for a walking scene but the open doorway makes for good use of the space for a decent stroll back and forth.