1839 Candie Luciani

1840 Ryana

1841 Karyna Kaif

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Goeth Under and Ye Shall See. 12:18

Ryana’s video starts with some rather enticing up skirt views with her shapely thighs and panties peeking out from under her dress. Undoubtedly she is a really good looking model as displayed in some nice close up face shots. Attention drifts down to the butt, crotch and panties for the majority of this clip as she teases what is underneath. The audio has the sounds of a distant thunder storm rolling in.

Stormy Damn Y’all’s 7:20

The approaching storm becomes a full scale cloudburst but the show must go on. Our shooting location is somewhat sheltered but you could say there is some additional atmosphere in this scene. Ryana is all nude now except for the shoes. Much of this clip has her bare underside thrust into your face from both front and rear views.

Jamaica Me Wet. 6:43

Ryana uses a deep purple dildo to fuck herself while leaning back on the chair. She soon transitions to a front side squatting pose with her butt hovering mid air. Any moaning sounds that she might be making in the first half are almost completely drowned out by the sounds of heavy rain. She gets quite enthused towards the climax and shows some interesting squirming and has a goop of pussy goo oozing out of her vagina.

A Broad Walking on Board Walk. 4:31

Ryana does a naked parade on the boardwalk while constant rain continues all around our covered position. Her tall figure and long hair are especially noticeable in this scene.