1838 Kimora Quin

1839 Candie Luciani

1840 Ryana

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Caught in Candie. 7:16

Candie’s most impressive asset only becomes obvious after she starts fiddling with her panties revealing a rather large and meaty set of pussy lips. A bit of flossing and flipping the panties one side to another is the primary attraction of this tease video.

Lookie Luciani. 8:34

Candie is all nude now and the attention focuses on the bare ass and pussy thrust into your face. She momentarily started masturbating before realizing we need to slow it down a bit first. The highlight comes as she squats on your face giving a decent view straight up her bottom end for a fairly extended period.

So Up Tight. 11:59

Candie’s dildo masturbation scene is a bit forced at first due to a lack of lube and reluctance on her part to use it. This is resolved soon enough and things go increasingly smoothly, even getting quite wet along with some vigorous dildo pumping towards the end. The scene ends with a nice close up clitoris display that is quite interesting, though the chewed off fingernails might be a distraction for some.