1837 Tiffany Tatum

1838 Kimora Quin

1839 Candie Luciani

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Ass Quin for Double. 21:00

Kimora does large portions of this strip tease video in front of a full length mirror allowing you to see her from both the front and the back and the same time. It starts with upskirt and panty tease but she is pantyless in the second half of this clip lending to some more revealing upskirt views.

The Adventures of Brick and More Tease. 12:08

Kimora is all nude now except for the shoes. Some careful positioning of the camera, the model and the mirror lead to some very nice perspectives, often with the butt and face both prominent in the shot. Moving onto the chair there’s plenty of squatting on your face both from the front and the back. She is perhaps not the most graceful in her movement but she certainly looks fantastic. Her beautiful pussy appears to be almost naturally hairless.

Kimora Here Girl. ITC Favorite 10:18

Kimora lies back in the chair with her mile long legs spread high and wide while she fucks her pussy with a vibrating dildo. At the half way mark she transitions to a forward squatting position high on the chair with her shoes on the arms of the chair and the butt hanging in mid air. It’s a remarkably good position with her ass and pussy dangling in your face while she fucks herself and gets all creamy. The action is not especially remarkable but the perspective and the gorgeous assets dangling in your face are what makes this clip a favourite with us.