1836 Penelope Woods

1837 Tiffany Tatum

1838 Kimora Quin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Binny Skitch. 11:58

So Tiffany showed up in Mexico looking a little too skinny for our preferences but there is no denying she still has some good angles. These panties look especially nice on her as viewed from low down with the little split in the back almost showing her ass crack. The latter half of this clip is all bottomless posing with her ass and pussy out for inspection. We left the windows open partly to avoid our own reflections but the result is quite a lot of city noise in the audio. The late afternoon hour, large windows and low sun angle means we have a bed scene in full sunlight which is not a common occurrence, and maybe even a first.

Paint the Taint. 6:38

There’s an off camera model in this scene using a feather to paint Tiffany’s pussy and ass crack. She is not particularly ticklish or reactive in that way though it does draw some nice attention to her private places with the feather going up in all the best places.

Stiffin' Tiff. 12:12

It is apparently no problem for Tiffany to put her knees all the way behind her shoulders when she masturbating with the dildo. Also interesting is her position with her ass jacked all the way up in the air while resting on her shoulders.