1835 Ivi Rein

1836 Penelope Woods

1837 Tiffany Tatum

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Woods ya Strip off? 15:40

Penelope’s outfit for this set is quite unusual and maybe looks a bit like a stripper outfit complete with platform high heels. Her plump and healthy looking rear end is the most noticeable asset as soon as she turns around. A nice bottom end jiggle is abundantly obvious when we get up close under her lovely cheeks. The clip ends with a beautiful ass spread as she pulls down the outfit to reveal her ass crack for the first time.

The How Woods Turn Show. 10:23

Penelope is now all nude to show off her bare ass and pussy in close up detail. She certainly has a lovely jiggle in her smooth and flawless cheeks every time she slaps her butt. There’s no shortage of beautiful bum crack views with jiggly cheeks literally filling your screen.

Dam it Asshole. 9:16

Penelope plays with a glass butt plug in this scene often pulling it out to show off her beautiful ass hole. It’s not so much of a masturbation scene as it is just an ass show with lots of repeated insertion and close up ass hole views. Finally towards the end without the plug she engages in a little bit of manual pussy rubbing to cap it off.

Slo Mo. 0:38

This is a mini compilation of the best jiggly bits played back in slow motion. All of these snippets can also be found on the minivids page as individual clips.