1834 Lilly Bella

1835 Ivi Rein

1836 Penelope Woods

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Tangerine Dreams. 11:03

This scene is a visual treat with blue skies, water features, palm trees, a bright orange bathing suit and the ambient sounds of birds and a small waterfall. Ivi has her own personalized style of posing which comes off quite slick and polished though perhaps not so graphic.

Rein Drain. 12:57

With Ivi now all nude she shows off her bare assets both in and out of the water. The mini waterfall becomes her prop at times with her butt on, in and under it. For some this might be too much artistic imagery and not enough open pussy and ass crack worship.

Lollipop Twat. 11:33

Ivi is now in the middle of the pool on a big lollipop shaped float. This is her platform for a finger masturbation session with views both front and back. Along with the masturbation this clip probably also has the most concentrated ass and pussy views of the whole video.