1831 Monika May

1832 Binky Baez

1833 Gaby Ortega

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Dilly Eyelash. 19:11

Binky is pantyless underneath her black satin slip allowing for some graphic and immediate pussy and ass views upskirt style right from the beginning. She is pretty fidgety for a while before settling down and just showing off some eye popping bare bottom views. She has a bit of a ghetto vibe with her permanent giant eyelashes but we spend most of the time looking at her oh so smooth bottom end. She is virtually flawless down below with nice meaty lips and clear olive skin.

Crack Smackin' Ho. 8:58

Now without the slip and shoes Binky is all nude for more bare pussy and ass worship. There’s a bit of a boob tease at first with her huge pencil eraser nipples being quite prominent and even lactating a tiny bit. Then the bulk of the clip focuses on more ass worship including a good dose of butt smacking. There’s some nice tight jiggles under the power of her intermittent spanking.

Skin-a-ma Dink a Binky Do. 10:34

There’s a bit of crud early on in Binky’s dildo masturbation scene, presumably from her lube not mixing well, though it cleans up nicely later on an we get a decent scene out of it. There’s some rather energetic humping action in the middle section with smooth butt cheeks flapping in the air. Later on she even squirts just a little bit, though apparently stopping herself from making a mess in an inappropriate place.