1832 Binky Baez

1833 Gaby Ortega

1834 Lilly Bella

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

The audio is not the greatest on this video due to heavy use of audio filters to cut out very loud wind noise in the trees from the exterior.

Scene 1

What Pinks in Here? 17:49

New model Gaby has some interesting assets to show off including a full jiggly butt and huge pussy lips that can partially be seen through her panties. She has quite an impressive bulge in her panties and the tight mesh material gives a good hint of what is underneath. Half way through she starts tugging on her panties in various ways and certain parts inevitably start spilling out.

Ya Gaby Kiddin' Me. 11:14

Gaby starts her all nude posing standing over your face and giving you quite an eyeful from both the front and the rear. The butt spreading and spanking and ass hole winking combine for a very entertaining show. Later on the bed she shows off some impressive ass hole winking at close up range.

Cum at One Toydy. 9:40

Gaby uses a big pink vibrator to stimulate her clit in this masturbation scene. It is interesting to watch her huge pussy lips getting squished and manipulated under the head of the toy. There’s some very nice ass hole winking at intermittent moments and her giant clitoris comes into view at times too.

Come this Sway. 3:30

Gaby’s walking scene is half indoors and half outdoors to allow for a little longer runway. She is 100% nude for the full duration. At the end she walks completely away to the far end of the house and we follow close behind into some less than ideal lighting conditions. There are slow motion outtakes from this in the minivids page.