1830 Casey Norhman

1831 Monika May

1832 Binky Baez

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Fringe Benefits. 11:37

Monika’s shorts are seriously frayed around the bottom revealing quite a lot of ass but not so much in the front. Her motion is a bit restless with maybe too much moving around but we catch some nice views every once in a while. Her tie up blouse is quite well suited to a nice boob tease which she reverts to at intermittent moments.

Under a New Monika. 10:44

With Monika now all nude there are quite a few underneath shots as she stands over you. It’s seen from both front and rear and a few bend over positions as well.

May I Cum Too? 7:20

Monika’s dildo masturbation has her squatting front side with her butt hanging nicely in your face. The toy, the action and passion are all adequate but the position is everything as it gets her underside in the prime viewing angle for a more compelling video.

This May be Strollin’. 5:23

We back up a long way from the set giving Monika a long runway to show off her body in motion. She uses the long veranda to parade back and forth multiple times. She is all nude for the duration except for the shoes.