1829 Yenifer Chacon

1830 Casey Norhman

1831 Monika May

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Lets go Shimmer Special. 9:27

Casey’s legs look almost plastic with her shiny pale shade of pantyhose and her dress is not too dissimilar. The dress doesn’t stay down very long as you spend most of the time gazing upon her pantyhose ass and pussy. You can see her pussy right through the pantyhose fabric and rather interestingly you can also see her pussy drip out juices onto the fabric.

Shooting up with Crack Hose. 10:30

Now with the dress gone this clip is entirely about pantyhose shots with not a lot left to the imagination as close up views reveal everything that is underneath.

Eye Bottom at the Gap. 5:56

Casey is now all nude and she spends time just getting her bare pussy and ass in your face for close inspection. She’s rather good at spreading her assets while squatting over your face.

You Pump Ass Fool. 6:02

Time for some more kinky action now as Casey uses her stiletto shoe as an anal sex toy. She gets the pointy heal right up her ass hole in a couple of different positions and there’s a few decent close up shots. As you might imagine with a hard edgy object she doesn’t exactly fuck herself with gusto but it is nonetheless quite erotic.

She Cunt Dink Clearly. 7:24

Casey uses a clear vibrating dildo with all of it’s internal workings visible for fucking her pussy. It produces a pretty nice little stream of pussy juice running down her ass crack.