1828 Vanessa Angel

1829 Yenifer Chacon

1830 Casey Norhman

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

Stripe Tease. 11:00

Yenifer’s striped shorts are not exactly tight fitting but ride high enough to show a rather pleasant view from behind. She spends quite a lot of time showing her bottom end with the shorts pulled up quite high.

The Hole Thing is Pretty Open. ITC Favorite 12:34

With Yenifer now all naked she wastes no time getting straight to the primary point of interest and spreading her girlie places wide open. Though there are many positions and perspectives perhaps one of the most prominent things in this clip is her outstanding pussy spreading. She gapes her pussy very nicely with the fingers well out of the way for unimpeded viewing. Ass lovers are also given plenty to watch in this clip with all the feminine places very well exposed and thrust prominently into the most dominant positions.

Chocolate Dip. 9:44

Yenifer’s dildo looks remarkable like a literal chocolate dick. She naturally finds the good positions for well exposed views of the action but the best is perhaps just lying on her back with the legs pulled back high and wide. Her climax and the best views come at the end using only her fingers to finish the job.

Scene 2

I Wander to Go Away. 4:59

We moved outdoors onto the road to find a spot large enough for Yenifer to walk around and show her figure in motion. The sloping surface is maybe not the most ideal for a sexy walk but the scene has other merits beside this. Her cheerful personality is quite evident in this scene.