1827 Dee Vine

1828 Vanessa Angel

1829 Yenifer Chacon

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

One Piece Linger Eh. 13:29

Vanessa rarely cracks a smile but she is pretty good looking. The one piece body she wears is quite different to our usual type of outfits and presents an interesting change of pace. It takes quite a long time before she shows what’s under the outfit. Perhaps too long, but she does look good in it.

Under Appreciated Assets. 18:08

This is now all nude posing starting with a lot underneath views as she stands above you. The views get even better when she moves onto the bed for various lying positions with lots of open leg and spread butt displays. Additionally the two beds are ideally positioned for an interesting straddle position directly over your face.

Angel Done Yet? 10:24

Vanessa’s masturbation is with fingers only rubbing her pussy in several lying positions. In the latter half she is lying on her front giving the ideal view up her ass as she lightly jacks her ass up and down against the motion of her rubbing fingers. The action is relatively slow to moderate which allows for some nice clear views throughout.