1826 Candice Demellza

1827 Dee Vine

1828 Vanessa Angel

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

The Silken Tease. ITC Favorite 17:58

Dee Vine really takes her time to do a thorough tease in her silk dress and matching panties. This might be the most delicious upskirt and ass tease we have shot to date. She uses her short hemline to tease to maximum effect in both standing and lying positions. Slow action allows for some beautiful unhurried views up her butt from below and it is one of the best asses on the site.

Simply Dee Vine. 5:25

The tease continues now without the dress. It like a re-start with just the bra, panties and shoes. More beautiful butt tease follows with excellent underneath views.

Dee End is Near. ITC Favorite 15:59

And finally she is all nude for a thorough and outstanding ass and pussy inspection. It has to be said that she has an incredible underside with beautifully formed ass cheeks and a thick set of pussy lips. We take quite a long time to soak in her best angle from directly underneath with her bare ass hovering right on top of your face. A bunch of butt spreading and a few well placed slaps make for a very dynamic, jiggly and entertaining view. In the latter half she moves onto the bed and poses primarily on her front allowing plentiful views straight up her butt.

Twiddly Dee. 6:58

Dee’s masturbation session involves only fingers rubbing her pussy. With positions lying both on her back and on her front you see her bare assets well placed filling your view from all angles.