1825 Lia Lin

1826 Candice Demellza

1827 Dee Vine

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Nice Bikini is Knit? 11:04

Candice wears a knitted bikini that can perhaps be described as home made and certainly unique and interesting. Combined with the tropical setting with calm water and plentiful palm trees it is a tranquil scene, although occasionally interrupted by the sound of nearby construction.

U. C. Wiggles in Sun. 6:17

She is now all nude except for the shoes. The attention goes straight to her obvious best asset which is her particularly well formed butt cheeks. A combination of butt spreads, smacks and wiggles produce some quite entertaining ass views. She works up a bit of a sweat in the humid conditions while just showing off her bare assets.

Ice Oiled Myself. ITC Favorite 14:41

The hot and humid conditions are not so conducive to masturbation so instead we involve some oil and water and ice to cool down and it makes for some beautiful shiny butt views. After getting all oiled up and wet she deploys her magic little butt wiggle to enhance the view even more. The clip ends with ice cubes sliding up and down her ass crack and in her pussy.

Demellza Dip. 5:05

The scene ends with a brief dip in the pool. There’s not a lot happening here but there are a number of nice booty views as she pops her ass up out of the water.