1824 Nicole Kitt

1825 Lia Lin

1826 Candice Demellza

Shoot Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica

Scene 1

Re-Model-Lin the Deck Whore. 8:23

This balcony scene is virtually in the middle of the jungle with the beautiful Lia modelling in a pair of jean shorts. Her slender figure doesn’t full the shorts so much but an underside view really shows off her curves very nicely.

Lia me Behind. ITC Favorite 7:35

Lia is all nude now to show off her bare ass and pussy. Poses sitting backwards on the stool demonstrate her beautiful posture and arch in her back. Of course we also see this from underneath as she virtually sits on your face. Her bend over posing is also really nice with tidy curves filling the screen. We do not miss the chance to admire her anus winking display on more than one occasion.

Lazy Lin. 3:52

This smaller interlude with the furniture re-arranged was going to be a longer clip but got interrupted by rain. It is more all nude posing but in all lying positions.

Sex and Violets. 6:30

Masturbation scenes are not exactly Lia’s primary talent. She uses a vibrating toy in less than compelling fashion but it is still worthy of a look if only for the pretty bits on display.

Sashay Nice Place. 4:09

This balcony is not so large for a walking scene so it is more like a little meander around in the space available. She does a pretty nice job of it and the low angle butt views are especially nice.