1823 Willow Ryder

1824 Nicole Kitt

1825 Lia Lin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Orange ya Gonna Strip off? 11:34

Virtually all parameters are ideal in this scene with Nicole’s flawless athletic body under clear blue skies at an infinity pool in a tropical holiday destination. The orange bikini strip tease is not long but nicely executed with nice poses. The latter half of this clip is all nude posing and includes an awesome squat on top of your face with beautifully lit private places.

What a Kitt Ass Trophy. ITC Favorite 10:35

Nicole was particularly enthused about getting oiled up and we gotta say it looks amazing. Few things look better than dark skin coated in oil and glistening in the sun. Her spectacular ass gets plenty of attention with lots of wiggling and spreading right in your face. Every detail of her ass is enhanced by the glistening of oil. The full body shots are also not to be overlooked as her athletic tone is rather apparently augmented by the shine of oil on her skin. The addition of a jug of water poring down her ass enhances the scene even more creating one of our most aesthetically pleasing videos to date.

Ah Fuck Kitt. ITC Favorite 5:37

Nicole does pretty much all of this masturbation scene with her ass hovering on top of your face. Her skin is still glistening with the remnants of oil and water from the previous action and there’s a hint of pussy juice coming out of her vagina as well. The combination of reflected light and glistening skin continues to show the features of her ass and pussy in enhanced detail.

Shiners Parade. ITC Favorite 6:40

Nicole does an all nude parade on the pool deck to show off her curves in motion. With her skin still glistening with oil her beautifully toned figure looks remarkable throughout this clip.