1822 Eve Sweet

1823 Willow Ryder

1824 Nicole Kitt

Shoot Location: Trelawny, Jamaica

Scene 1

That's Do Wobble. ITC Favorite 14:35

Willow’s one piece lingerie is quite stylish and has a very slim thong string revealing quite a lot in the rear view with her butt hole essentially visible all the time. She really has some beautiful assets down below with a big juicy ass and a fabulous jiggle. The way she wobbles her ass around is perhaps the highlight of this video.

Wide Ass she do that? ITC Favorite 12:47

Willow is now all nude and she gets her big ass spread wide and flapping in your face. Her intermittent booty wobble is subtle enough to maintain focus while still demonstrating the motion of her jiggly cheeks. Some of our camera angles are upside down from where most would shoot and reveal a very interesting perspective on her wiggling curves.

Sleazy Ryder. 12:45

This dildo masturbation scene takes some time to gain momentum with average footage at first turning to great footage in the latter half. There’s some very nice butt views when she hangs her ass off the edge of the bench to fuck herself. Later she moves to the coffee table and sticks the dildo on the corner of the table for some beautiful wobbly dildo humping action.

One Hall of a Wiggle. ITC Favorite 7:14

This location is a historic plantation house with a long entrance hallway that is ideal for a sexy ass wiggle parade. Willow’s walk is extra wiggly in a good way. Close up follow shots will have your brains jiggling in sync with her fabulous ass cheeks wobbling from one end of the room to the other.

Slomo 3:28

This clip is experimental at this point as we play around with slow motion. This is a compilation of various jiggly segments taken from all part of the video, pasted together and played back at 50% speed. All of these segments can be found as individual clips on the minivids page.