1821 Lulu Love

1822 Eve Sweet

1823 Willow Ryder

Shoot Location: Umbria, Italy

Scene 1

Sweet Rain. 7:47

Some people might say that the weather did not cooperate for us on this shoot, though we are more inclined to say this was great weather for this shoot with beautiful defused light and the constant ambience of light rain throughout. Eve’s dress does not come off at any point throughout this entire set, mostly due to the cool temperatures, but we get a lot of really nice up skirt views.

The Down Stares Sweet. 11:32

Eve is now pantyless allowing for some much more revealing up skirt views. The dress still does not come off but she sometimes lifts it all the way over her boobs for a few essentially nude shots. The underneath shots are the highlight with her bare ass and pussy standing right over your face. She also gets sitting backwards on the chair with her bare ass hanging out right on top of your face.

Al Frisko. 10:03

Now lying on top of the table Eve gets a bit more frisky with some finger masturbation. This might not be the best video if you need to see boobs because her dress remains on. That aside, the video has some quite compelling action with very nice ambience throughout.