1812 Killa Raketa

1813 Dee Vine

1814 Darcy Dark

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

How Dee do Dee. ITC Favorite 19:39

The back of Dee’s one piece lingerie is really almost bare with just a few strings holding it together. The camera sink down low for some incredible under butt views with her face showing in the mirror. Our close up face shots are pretty special too with flirty looks and excellent clarity. But it’s pretty obvious where her best angle lies with her fantastic shaped ass parked on top of your face. Later lying on her front on the bed a long and thorough thong tease ensues with a gradual introduction to her bare ass crack and pussy.

Cunt Fine Spaces. ITC Favorite 15:40

With Dee now fully nude this clip is properly saturated with fantastic intimate views of her gorgeous undercarriage. Her ass cheeks are super rounded and firm but seemingly spring loaded with tight jiggles while her pussy lips are extra thick and loaded with meaty features. After the obligatory ass spreading and slapping standing over your face she moves onto the bed for more intimate close up shots in her crack. The bend over poses and the open legs up the ass views are second to none in this video. She has the anus and ass crack to die for.

Ass Tickler for Dee Tails. ITC Favorite 9:58

We passed on the usual masturbation type of content for this video, partly because she was coming down with covid at the time of this shooting, though you would not know it. The alternate content we got here was perhaps even more interesting anyways. The feather ass tickling is ideal for some intimate close up ass views with a nice bit of twitching action involved. If you like gazing up a curvy ass crack with pretty features there is no better content than this.