1813 Dee Vine

1814 Darcy Dark

1815 Olivia Jay & Nicole Kitt

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Darcy Goes Again. 11:59

Darcy’s initial strip tease is done in front of a full length mirror allowing for some interesting double views at opposite angles. The skirt is used to good effect showing some nice teasing views under the hemline.

She's Dark Naked. 12:51

This is all nude posing except for the shoes with Darcy squatting over your face and working through a large repertoire of alternate poses. Not everything is completely flawless with a small shaving nick and an unusual dent on the butthole but she shows it all off very nicely. A really nice crab walk pose and a front side squat on your face display her underside very nicely.

Getting to Toyed Base. 8:59

Darcy uses a pulsating suction toy for her masturbation scene. The toy itself is perhaps not the interesting part as it doesn’t really do anything visible. A crab walk position near the end gives the best views as she brings the action to a climax with her butt hanging in front of your face.