1811 Tiffany Tatum

1812 Killa Raketa

1813 Dee Vine

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Killa Outfit. 17:42

Killa’s jean shorts are cut off so high that her ass cheeks are entirely out in the open. We do tear our gaze away from her ass long enough to notice that she has a really nice perky set of tits. She spends much of the latter half bending over with her string thong twisted in a way that reveals mostly everything.

Sexy One Killa bits. 11:38

Bare bottom exploration begins with some very nice bend over posing. She puts the two little round ottomans to good use to straddle between them and hover right on top of your face. Her “outtie” butthole is somewhat unique and an interesting feature displayed in this video.

Super Killa Friggalistic. 10:58

Killa engages in finger masturbation while lying on the floor. There’s not a lot of variation in positions but at least it’s a good position and she gets some very nice twitchy squirmy action going. She does quite a big pussy gape at the end.