168 Lepidoptera

169 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

170 Missy Nicole

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Bum Deal. 16:58

After Lora does a little solo leg tease at her desk there's a brief bit of roll playing with Lora acting the bitchy boss and Sabrina the incompetent employee. Honestly the acting here is seriously lame but you might get a kick out of it. Remember these are porn stars not actresses. Lora then bends Sabrina over her desk and gives her naked ass a good inspection. The majority of this clip has Sabrina on her knees with her ass in the air as Lora eats her out and rams her fingers up her ass. For quite some time there are four fingers buried deep in Sabrina's ass hole up to the second knuckle. Later Lora buries her pearl necklace inside Sabrina's ass hole with the other end going up her vagina. The clip ends with Lora jabbing her tongue right in Sabrina's anus while she masturbates.

Your Assignment's on my Desk. 15:43

After stripping down to just her stockings and shoes Lora lies back on the desk top with her legs in the air while Sabrina takes her time to admire her spectacular body. This evolves into a nice leisurely pussy licking session with lots of great views of one of the most gorgeous pussies you'll ever see getting a luxurious tongue bath. The orgasm is not so convincing but the gorgeous babe laid out naked on the desk top is a vision to behold.

Kissing the Boss's Ass. 8:02

Now on her knees on the desk with her ass in the air Lora gets her other beautiful hole thoroughly eaten out. There's some beautiful close up views clearly showing Sabrina's pointy tongue going right up inside Lora's anus. Then when her tongue comes out of Lora's anus you can see her anus twitching and squeezing before her tongue goes right back up her ass. At the end you get a close up view as the girls share a rather intimate kiss.