169 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

170 Missy Nicole

171 Adrianna Russo

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Friggin' Itchy Knickers. 17:41

This clip is loaded with lots of great panty tease starting with some lovely up skirt views as Missy tickles her pussy through her panties. When she pulls her panties out at the front you get the inside the panties view with her finger rubbing her girly bits through the panties. Later with her panties off she has a good sniff of her panty crotch before stuffing her them right up her vagina. She continues on to have a little pussy masturbation session with her panties fully buried right up inside her vagina with just a hint of panty visible at the opening. There's a momentary diversion as we get right in close to inspect her clitoris while she gently dabbles her finger on it. At the end Missy pulls her panties out of her vagina and once again sniffs and licks her well scented crotch.

Let's get Buzzy. 10:57

Missy's vibrator masturbation session features a mixture of deep penetration with light dabbling on the clitoris. She takes a pretty leisurely pace for quite a while but things do speed up latter on as she builds up the excitement. There's a very nice display of anal muscle flexing near the end as she pushes the toy out of her pussy with no hands.

When Pussy comes to Shove. ITC Favorite 9:25

With her knees up around her ears Missy uses two hands to pry her pussy open as much as she can and continually flexes her vaginal muscles in and out. Her muscle flexing is often so prominent that the inside of her vagina almost pushes right out of her pussy. This is great stuff if you like ogling lots of vaginal folds as they surge out of her pussy.

Spectacular Extraction. ITC Favorite 2:51

Missy's brief speculum scene has some really fantastic close up inside views showing all the details inside her pussy perfectly lit all the way to the bottom of her vagina. Especially spectacular is the inside view as the speculum is slowly pulled out of her vagina showing all the folds of her vagina walls collapsing in on themselves behind the exiting speculum.