167 Lora

168 Lepidoptera

169 Lora & Sabrina Sweet

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Under Inspection. 8:39

After Lepidoptera does a fairly quick strip tease the main meat of this clip focuses in on her naked undercarriage as she just spreads everything open in your face. There's some excellent bend over posing in the last half of the clip with some decent open vagina views.

Super Max Prism. 6:41

While still on her knees with her ass in the air Lepidoptera has a nice little poke up her bum with one finger before moving up to a diamond shaped dildo which she works deep up her ass. We get a great angle on the action as she works up the momentum pounding the dildo hard in her ass.

Piss Pump. 5:17

Lepidoptera now uses a glass dildo to pump her pussy producing an almost continuous series of squirts from her pee hole. We get right up close for some nice pee hole in action views. There's several drops of pee/squirt on the lens through much of this. Decide for yourself whether this is actually a squirting orgasm. Apparently she just loses bladder control every time the dildo presses against her G spot. Either way she certainly seems to enjoy it.

Watergape. ITC Favorite 9:14

Lepidoptera splits her pussy wide open using a speculum and we get a very nicely lit view all the way down her vagina to her cervix as she gently flexes her muscles around the speculum. For a while there's dab of pussy snot caked on one side of her cervix which may or may not be appealing to you. After a short while she begins to move the speculum around inside her pussy giving you some very interesting inside views with her vagina walls all surging around the speculum. She then angles the speculum up against her G spot and the non stop squirting starts all over again. We get tons of great close up squirting action views and you even see the big puddle of various pussy fluids gathering inside her vagina. She's pretty quiet through this clip but still clearly enjoying herself and giving some pretty outrageous views of this very unique action.