011 Jenny

012 Jenny

013 Venus

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

This amazing action packed video is literally bursting with some of the most prime footage you will ever see anywhere. Jenny's pussy virtually has a permanent leak in it as she is always peeing, squirting or oozing.

Scene 1

Packed Pussy. 14:31

Jenny rubs an ice cube all up and down her body then stands over your face to show off her lovely bum. She pulls the thong out of her bum crack and spreads her ass for your inspection. You will notice lots of creamy girl goo gathering on her fingers as she gradually works up to 4 fingers and a thumb up her pussy. In need of something bigger Jenny decides to try a big butternut squash for a toy.

Pussy Explosion. 5:04

Using a beer bottle she finally comes to an incredible creamy cum spewing orgasm. Afterwards we stick your nose in there at sniffing distance to watch as she repeatedly plunges the bottle all the way in and out making suction noises and giving great gaping vagina views between strokes.

Urine Pussy. 5:12

Next she takes a pee into the beer bottle completely filling it before she stuffs the bottle back up her pussy and lets the pee slowly trickle out. (this clip may not be very appealing to those not into urine)

Shoe for a Toy. 3:11

Jenny uses her shoe as a toy rubbing the heel on her clit and dabbling the toy in her vagina.

Messy Jenny. 14:40

Jenny spreads her vagina with a speculum, fills it with whipped cream, and stuffs it all in deep with a vibrator through the middle of the speculum. She can't resist scooping the melting cream out of her gaping vagina with the vibrator and tasting it. All the while you can clearly see the big puddle of melted cream deep inside her vagina jiggling around as she giggles. You can even watch her vagina walls bulge as she sticks the vibrator up her bum. You'll love the way she removes the speculum without closing it so all the cream comes gushing out of her wide open vagina. Next Jenny separates the speculum and puts it back in with the handles in opposite directions and takes a pee with everything totally spread open. A mixture of cream and pee comes gushing out of her vagina again. Finally she rinses all the mess off her pussy in the sink.

Popsicle Melt. 2:55

After rinsing her pussy and ass off Jenny sticks a Popsicle up her pussy and dabbles it in her ass before savoring a taste.

Pee n' Giggle. 0:45

Finally Jenny takes an entertaining pee in the sink. We compromised our expensive camera to bring you this shot as Jenny starts to giggle, loses control of her peeing and squirts you in the face.

Scene 2

St. Jenny Arch. 1:56

In this brief scene you see Jenny lying in the bathtub peeing in one big high arch. You get both the close and full body views so you can see where it came from and where it's going to.

Scene 3

Peeing Bottoms Up. 2:27

Wearing a black robe Jenny gets on her knees and elbows with her butt in the air, lifts her robe up over her ass and pees into a big popcorn bowl. Her pussy and ass look amazing in this position, especially when her pussy springs a leak.

Medium Squirting. 5:32

Next Jenny uses a clear rubber dildo to bring herself to a lovely squirting orgasm.

Heavy Squirting. ITC Favorite 13:20

Then she picks up a plug-in vibrator for a much more intense orgasm and she squirts another 3 more times (once through a speculum, once with an anal probe up her bum). Jenny squirts so much it's almost like she's taking a long pee (we can assure you this is not fake). In between squirting orgasms she even pees yet again into the popcorn bowl. Where does it all come from?!