1759 Olivia Jay

1760 Chloe Cooper

1761 Kimora Quin

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Undies 'n Cooper. 7:00

Chloe doesn’t smile or look at the camera much but she does have a rather stately manner with her poised strip tease. There’s a bit of city noise due to the open window though this perhaps adds a touch of realism to the scene.

Cooper's Cooter Cunt be Cuter. 11:09

This is all nude posing on the bed in several positions. Certainly the highlight is her backward squatting right on top of your face. Those concerned with blemishes might be distracted by a couple of moles but the squat on top of your face is otherwise very good.

Twiddle Me Twat. 5:50

This pussy rubbing session has Chloe’s ass hanging in your face crabwalk style through most of it. She eventually transitions onto her front to finish it off giving a different view straight up her butt. Nearby construction noise is a bit of a distraction in the audio of an otherwise decent masturbation clip.